Part I and Part II of Considering Downsizing explored 6 topics, including the “Empty Nest” and having more space than needed, “Money Savings” with expenses attached to a larger home including bills, as well as “Maintenance,” “Equity,” leaving a “Preferred School District” when the children are no longer in school and a “Change in Marital Status” as reasons to consider downsizing to a new and more manageable home. There are three more considerations of determining downsizing and if it is something to consider. These are:


Do you live in a Desirable Area?

When you first purchased your home, was it in an area that was affordable, yet now the prices have risen, the properties have become more desirable and less affordable? Your home may have value that puts you in the driver’s seat of your plans for the future, savings and comfortable living.


Are you finding your Property Maintenance to be a strain on your daily living?

Big Yards to mow, leaves to rake or paying high prices for landscaping? As you get older, these tasks not only can become cumbersome, but tiresome and taking energy away from your daily living and retirement. A smaller home and property takes less effort to clean and maintain, many 55+ communities, or condos with associations handle these tasks within your assessments. Or maybe its just time to leave the busy area and reset into a warmer climate settled in a smaller and modest home. There are many options available to make your life easier and worry free of maintenance.


Maybe it’s just a Change of Scenery?

Does the weight of that Large Home with monthly costs, maintenance and worry keep you from the adventures you always wanted to take? Freeing up money from the house, maintenance and other worries can be the key to vacations and holidays, and other fun activities you want to discover once retired. Or maybe you just want to not look down the row of Suburban homes, and instead into your more scenic setting backyard in the mountains or in the desert…well the furnished parts…like Scottsdale.


Whatever the reason to consider Downsizing, we at My Home Downsize hope the information in this three part series was helpful. Please contact us if you have any questions or other concerns that may not have been covered at: info@myhomedownsize.com




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