Downsizing Tips (The Exit Strategy)

We at My Home Downsize know that deciding to Downsize is just the first step in managing your transition. We have compiled a list of tips and considerations to help make that transition smooth. This article will tackle the obvious…what am I supposed to do with all of this stuff?! We know your transition into a smaller home and more manageable residence will create a need to de-clutter or downsize your household. We assist with all of the following:


The first step is to take a look around your home and determine which items you CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT. Anything you find that doesn’t make this list will create your EXPENDABLE list. It will take time to organize all of the items for the EXPENDABLE LIST, but don’t worry, My Home Downsize can help you figure out not only that list, but where may be the best places for the items, whether by an Estate Sale, Donation to Charity for Tax Purposes, or even targeted sales online and or by live auction. This process is not overnight, but in your mind to make the transition smoother, give yourself at least 2-3 months grace period to tackle.



After you have determined what type of property you would like to transition into, it is important to realize what you truly need. For example, if you move to a neighborhood with an association that handles lawn care and landscaping, say goodbye to the lawn mower, edger and other tools that you may never use again. The same would apply to if you have a 4 bedroom home, and are downsizing into a one or two bedroom, there will be loads of furniture to unload. And then the small stuff:

Do I need 15 sets of Silverware?

Do I need those 10 Coffee Mugs?

Will I needed all of this Bedding, Pillows, or the Rugs (from no longer needed bedrooms)?

Well… I read all these Books & watched these DVDs…do I need to still display them?


If you are moving to a community or a loft location that has a gym, do you need that exercise equipment…are you taking the pool table….will you need the lawn furniture and patio set? Once you have your list, the process of downsizing your items will become clearer and become more worry free.

These considerations may seem alarming at first, but remember, the less you bring the less space you need, it will reduce cost of moving truck space and the potencial of having to get a storage unit which is in most cases, an unneeded and unwanted expense.




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